Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sisterly Advice

After I wrote the first entry or two of this blog, I sent the address to my three amazing sisters, L., M., and K. They are wonderful -- my best friends from childhood through adulthood -- always there, always supportive, always honest, always insightful, always funny, always fun. After my husband, they're my biggest supporters, as I am theirs. I thought they all had really relevant things to say.

First, my big sister, L., emailed me to say:

Your blog is interesting and a neat idea. I don't know why there are contradictions like self sabotage in our lives..what is it that keeps one from "just doing it" Nike has marketed this truth everywhere and I along with everyone else in the world wishes that it were that easy. It is not, but then again nothing worthwhile is easy anyway. There are lots of things that each person struggles with... weight is just one of many hangups we humans deal with. I think it is good that you can identify the facts that surround your self sabotage and maybe that will start some self actualization...who knows. I say do what works...if a blog helps so be it. However, you are a bright person and one thing you could easily let go of is the idea of wasting. Eating out is wasting money...eating candy and cake is just wasting time. If you want it eat it -but keep in mind that you will have to answer to your actions. In other words, you will have to "pay up". If you eat the cake, be willing to walk the mile or whatever you do to burn the calories...on the same day. I guess it is about being accountable to oneself. That is a life journey. One other thing I'd like to suggest is to. stop looking in your is gone. Instead be happy that is was part of your past. You never know what great things might come in the future and that is where you need to set your sights. Instead of looking at what you were, start planning for what you will be... it is not OK to look back and say I did that ...instead think about the great stuff you did and figure out ways that you will do it better in the future. I don't know how to post to a blog but if you want you can put this on the page.

My next youngest sister, M., emailed me all the way from Paris to say:

I like your blog and it's title Wrecklamation - very clever! I also think it is a very good idea for the work you wish to do on yourself. I was touched by what you wrote, so thanks for sharing. It seems that one can become a "follower" of blogs, but I think I have to set up an account with google or something. In any case I plan to follow it - I like the way you write.

Finally, my youngest sister, K., said:

I don't know how to get "into" the blog to write, if that is what you are supposed to do but I wanted to tell you, you look beautiful in the pic. None of us will ever look like 20 somethings again, BUT we can be healthy, happy beautiful 40 somethings. I hear ya and relate all too well. I am hoping to enjoy my approaching 40's and I know I won't be able to unless I get my mind and body in the right place. It sucks to give up cheese steak and cheesecake but I think I'll like squeezing into a 12/14 more than I enjoy squeezing that grease and fat into my belly! I will pray for you and encourage you, you can do it!!!!

Thanks to all my sisters for their support. I love you all.
And I do actually have a brother, who is also the most wonderful brother a person could have. I haven't told him about the blog yet because he's been out of town. Was going to do it at lunch today, but he cancelled on me. He's still the most wonderful brother a person could have.

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  1. I'm loving your blog! I just caught up on all the new posts. Your sisters sound amazing, you sound like you're making so much progress.

    And darling, I too wrecked my arteries with a cheeseburger at Eggspectations last week. I also had several beers on top of that many points...

    Thanks for inspiring and sharing!