Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Planning ahead

Last night, I went to a local restaurant with the chickadees to participate in a fundraiser for chickadee #1's school (15% of all proceeds from the meals sold between x and y time would go to the school). The restaurant specializes in eggs, breakfast foods, crepes, and American sandwiches -- very yummy. However, I didn't plan ahead by looking at their menu online (the last time I was there, I was told that they didn't bill their food as healthy, so they didn't make nutritional information available -- red flag!!!). I should have looked. If I had, I would have found that now they do publish their nutritional information and I wouldn't be suffering eater's remorse this morning.

The fundraiser was such a smashing success that our party of nine had to wait for almost an hour for a table, and we ended up being separated anyway because they didn't actually have a table for nine! I sat in a booth with my girls and my friends' two girls, who are a bit older than mine. Super hungry children + waiting a LONG time for a table + very crowded restaurant + "let's get this show on the road; it's past bedtime" = me ordering the first thing that looked good on the menu. A lovely cheeseburger and french fries. And I can attest that it was very good and I enjoyed every single bite and was sorry when they were gone.

I'm not so sanguine this morning after figuring out the damage I did -- calories = 1429, fat = 79 g., fiber = 8 g. for a grand total of 34 points for the cheeseburger ALONE (at least I think so -- I've emailed the restuarant chain to ask whether the information is for the whole meal (burger and fries) or just for the burger). People, that's more points than I get for a day. Thank heavens I wasn't tempted by dessert!

This situation is one the reasons I love WeightWatchers. I have 35 weekly points that I can add to my daily points for special occasions. This qualifies. I could wallow in self hatred and remorse (why didn't I have the grilled cheese with tomato bacon and cheddar (11 points) or even the asparagus and swiss omelet (21 points)). But I didn't plan ahead. And I enjoyed the meal. Moving on.

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  1. Isn't it shocking how bad for you so much of the food served in restaurants is? I mean, it makes sense, because they don't care if you're healthy, they just want you to buy their delicious fatty food, but still...shocking.

    Planning ahead is one of my weak spots too.