Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Progress Update

Last week was a roller-coaster for us here in the Z. household.  Hit by a monstrous stomach bug at the beginning of the week, entrenched in Catholic Schools Week hysteria for the rest of the week, worrying about a serious surgery for a beloved family member, and experiencing some other things that I don't care to describe (it's always the little things), we struggled to keep our heads above water.

So, at the end of the week, when I met with my nutritionist and TSFL health coach, I wasn't expecting great results.  I also knew that there would be some discussion of what I've been doing in terms of the 12 Week Health Transformation.  Much of this is "mind-work" and I'd been doing a lot of thinking.

I took a typical day and looked at what I'd done:

1. Meal Replacement
2.  Mini-bagel with butter
3.  Meal Replacement
4. Sandwich with ham and cheese and 1 serving of BBQ chips
5. Meal Replacement
6. Casserole made with rice and ground turkey.

As I said in our meeting, it dawned as I looked at this that I was only half following TSFL.  As a result, I was just swirling around and around and around in stasis.

So, I recommitted myself.  I worked hard this past week.  I thought about what I was doing and I was feeling good about my choices.

This despite the fact that, for some crazy reason, I did my grocery shopping at Trader Joe's on Sunday -- not normal for me.  My meal plan -- usually consisting of home-cooked meals from the Skinnytaste website these days -- contains the following:

Sunday:  Grandparents Day Casserole (from St. John the Evangelist cookbook -- bread, eggs, sausage, and cheese)
Monday:  Chicken Pot Pie Soup (from Skinnytaste and very good)
Tuesday:  Trader Joe's meal (frozen gnocchi and broccoli -- I didn't eat this.)
Wednesday:  Leftover barbecue from Skinnytaste
Thursday:  Trader Joe's meal (will be marinated chipotle chicken skewers and rice)
Friday:  mini pizzas for kids (from Trader Joe's).

So mostly it consists of leftovers or frozen meal starters from Trader Joe's.  I've avoided the awful things -- even the Grandparent's Day casserole had only 4 pieces of bread in the entire 9x13 pan and I am able to have eggs,so no problem.

The rest of the time, I've been very faithful to the 5&1 concept of TSFL.

Until today, when I adapted a cookie recipe and... ran with it.

Have you tried the Speculoos cookie butter from Trader Joe's?  It.Is.Yummy.  I made an impulse purchase on Sunday and have regretted it ever since.  I NEED TO GET RID OF THIS STUFF.  It is too tempting. So today, I took a standard Peanut Butter Cookie recipe and substitute Speculoos cookie butter for the peanut butter and added a teaspoon of cinnamon to the batter.

Oh my gosh.  Very, very good.  And I had about 2 or 3 of those lovely things, tasting them throughout the cookie baking life cycle:  Batter, fresh out of the oven, and after setting up.  Now they are in a glass cookie jar, where they will be sent out with the children to school.  I may even put them into snack bags and freeze them for lunches next week.  Thank God the recipe makes only 2 dozen.

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  1. Hi Col, They sell that stuff here too, if fact I think it originated in Holland, but not sure...It has been around in France for as long as I've been here though. I've never tasted it, but I like the speculoos cookies. I bet your cookies were good!

    Looking at your week, (although I think you are saying this was an example of a bad week) I see that you're not eating enough vegetables or dried beans, ie. lentils, chick peas, kidney beans, black beans etc. Maybe you just didn't post it, but get your fruits in there as well. Also eat sauerkraut (which you love, I know) it is really good for your intestinal flow. Add some nuts to your diet too.