Thursday, February 20, 2014

Doldrums... Frustration... Sadness...

It's a quarter to one in the morning, and I would love to vomit.  THIS is what comes of my placing myself and my needs on the back burner this entire day.  Today was CRAZY!  The whole week has been very difficult for a number of reasons, but today was a bit wired.

I took the chickadees to school and came home to start working.  On the way into the house, I did my civic duty and reported a water main break on my street.  I worked for about an hour and a half, listening to a HUGE thunderstorm with freezing rain (weird), then my husband asked me to take him to the metro (he was going in late).  I dropped him off, then went to the bank to deposit some Girl Scout cookie money.  Then I realized that I would be late for lunch duty and fit a 20 minute drive into ten minutes.  I got through that, then met some friends from church for lunch.  Then I went home to figure out my kids' library fines and emailed the Maryland Department of Transportation on behalf of the civic association to try to figure out when work is going to start on a big road project adjacent to our neighborhood.  Then I had to do pick up.  Then I had to take the chickadees and one of their schoolmates whom I drive home three days a week with me as I went to my doctor's office to pick up an order for a mammogram which I had scheduled for tomorrow.  Then I struggled my way through a traffic jam in the heart of Wheaton, where three lanes became one due to more apartment house construction.  Then I dropped off the schoolmate.  Then we went to Target to pick up dish washing detergent and to return a defective light bulb.  Then we rushed home to make dinner.  I served the kids and ate a serving of broccoli and a turkey meatball and a tablespoon of gnocchi.  Then back into the office for 3.5 hours more of work.

I came up for air after midnight, emerging into a dark and cold house, only to find that no one had done anything to clean up after dinner.  Dinner dishes were still on the table, pots and pans still on the stove.  So then I cleaned the kitchen and dining room.

By this point, I was so hungry and tired that I was nauseated.  So, instead of drinking a glass of water and having a handful of nuts, I ate a cup and a half of cereal -- 480 calories of crap.  So now you know why I never lose any weight.  There are too many days like this.

And I still feel sick.  I'm going to bed.

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  1. Oh Colleen, I feel for you! Just reading through this I see a couple of things... 1) And I'm sure anyone reading this would feel the same, the after dinner mess. Maybe you could have a talk with dear husband and the kids about doing their share of clean up after dinner. You make the dinner, everyone eats and enjoys it, it is normal that everyone helps clean up! I would have left it and gone to bed, too bad! Be more selfish! I know it is contrary to our Christian education, but I don't care, be more selfish! Your body is your temple (just ask Jesus!) and letting yourself get run down is helping no one. Say no to lunch duty, opt out of lunches if they aren't fitting with your schedule etc. I know that it feels good to help others and in a way it is also selfish, because it makes us feel good on one level, but just be careful that you aren't taken advantage of in anyway and take care of yourself it is so important!!! You deserve it my dear!!! Please let me know about your mam results today. I hope that you had a good nights sleep. Lots of love.