Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Interim Goal Check

So, how am I doing on those interim goals that I listed last week....

Yoga 3 times -- NOPE, not yet, though I started to do a Bollywood dancing class before it killed me. It's lots of fun and I'm planning on doing it again today.

Let DH put the chickadees to bed 2 times this week while I go upstairs to read and relax. I'm on track with this -- DH put the girls to bed one night last week, while I relaxed, and even cleaned the kitchen after dinner twice!

Lose five pounds over three weeks. We'll see how I did at WW on Thursday.

Take a short walk every day. NOPE, but I'm turning off the computer right now to go for a walk with Chickadee #2.

She wants to know if we are going far, and if so, how we are going to walk home. With our feet, I said. She seemed to think that was acceptable.

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