Friday, May 29, 2009

Starting Strong?

So, I celebrated starting this blog yesterday by having some cake and half a fun size box of Dots afer dinner!!! Makes so much sense, doesn't it?

My college roommate told me that, during her Rome semester, on the class spring break trip to Greece, the history professor asked another student to read the entire "Catalogue of the Ships" from the Illiad in Greek as the 100 strong class stood listening in the lashing rain. I thought at the time that this sounded deadly dull, and so, despite the catalogue which follows, I promise that I don't plan to use this blog as a food tracker -- I actually pay Weight Watchers to provide that function for me -- but it is illustrative of the problem that I present myself with nearly every day. (Remember those contradictions I'm supposed to working through?).

So, yesterday, I had a bowl of raisin bran for breakfast (WW= 6 points with fat free milk), a lovely salad from Chick-fil-A for lunch (WW = 5 points) and half a fat free frozen yogurt from Costco (4 points). Dinner was broccoli (0 points) and 2 small servings of reduced fat King Ranch Casserole (7ish points (4 points per serving).

So at the end of the day, I had some points to use -- but it would have been better to use them on something nutritious, rather than something sweet. Truth be told, I only ate the cake because it was there -- it was my own baking, but I didn't have any vanilla when I made it, so it had a double dose of almond extract, and you could tell. It had lived in the freezer for a month or two, where it had been forgotten. Then I made the mistake of cleaning out the freezer, finding the cake, and refusing to throw it away. EVEN KNOWING that I am the only one who would eat it. So, I set myself up. I sabotaged myself -- something I do frequently.

I must ask the question, then, why? Do I want to be thin? Or do I want the cake? Well, of course, I want both. And that's the problem. I could go into a long screed about the ways I have and do sabotage myself, but I'll spare us all today and save that for a time when I don't have a five year old singing Jingle Bells at the top of her lungs (despite the fact that it's 95 humid degrees o ut there!)

But, I'll do better today, I promise And my lovely babysitter is coming back next week, so I'll be able to go deep water running on schedule. Thank goodness -- I need the break from the chickadees (my two little birds, 5 and 2). I'm also trying to use my deep water running time as an occasion to pray the Rosary. It's practically the only time in my day that isn't in imminent danger of being interrupted by someone needing something, and if I wait until night time, I tend to fall asleep before I hit the third Mystery. So, it's good all around.

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