Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Successes

Today was a fairly good day, in terms of diet, mainly because we didn't follow our usual Saturday pattern of eating our main meal at a restaurant. And, sad to say, we didn't do that because my husband had to go into work today. The chickadees and I did have a lunch made up of a small slice of pizza each in the cafe of our local grocery store. I figure I made up for the caloric content of the pizza with an elevated heart rate caused by said chickadees' misbehavior in the aisles after lunch. After the grocery store, we went to the local swimming pool -- the chickadees got more exercise than I did. My workout consisted of schlepping all our gear across two parking lots (it was CROWDED) while pushing a toddler in a stroller and making sure a preschooler didn't get hit by speeding teenagers in Humvees, followed by contortions in the locker room as I attempted to get changed with modesty.

Despite my horror of locker rooms (and more about that in a later post -- I have A LOT to say about the scarring nature of middle school gym class), thank goodness summer is here. The big plan is to walk to the local outdoor pool (7/10ths of a mile from our house) every day that the weather permits. I am counting on the walking to help raise my level of everyday exercise and to exhaust my chickadees enough that they will welcome bedtime and sleep all night. I also plan to take a power water walking class and to do my scheduled deep water walking. I hope I survive the summer without growing webbed feet.

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