Monday, February 4, 2013


I have more to say about yoga (I know I've been promising this post for a while), but I have to share this because it makes me so happy.  Just have to share.  Imagine me, as a freshman in high school, reading Guitar Player magazine or some such (I know it wasn't Tiger Beat because my friend Cathy was reading that one and drooling over George Michael or Tony Hadley or someone like that -- maybe Lemal from Kajagoogoo).  And I came across a little tidbit about a an Irish band that was somehow different.  I remember the writer talked about the second track on the album (October) and said something like, "It's Gloria as in Gloria in Excelsis Deo, not Gloria as in Van Morrison's G-L-O-R-I-A".  And I thought, I've gotta get some of that.  And I hitched a ride down to the Music Machine in Pikesville, which we called Howie's after the owner, the next time my sister and her friend Julie went down there, and I did.  I remember that I wasn't too impressed with the first track ("Fire", I think), but the second one took my breath away.  And here we are 32 years later...

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  1. Oh '80's videos...
    Glad you've found the yoga that works for you! I remember watching the striped-leotard lady on PBS turn herself into a pretzel, watching in an awed and horrified fascination. Even as a kid I knew I couldn't get close to what she did... Several decades later I discovered there are things called yoga blocks, plus belts and blankets to support and help those of us not so flexible.